Liberia’s Bicentennial Celebrations: Our Forefathers Can Look Down On Today’s Liberia With Pride And Satisfaction – President Weah


The Commemoration of Liberia’s Bicentennial was a memorable one, featuring numerous prominent individuals around the world. The peak of the celebrations was done on February 14, 2022 at Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex.

The President of the Republic of Liberia, George Weah in his speech was emphatic on the fact that the good people of Liberia should embrace reconciliation and unity, as that’s what will keep the smooth growth of the Liberian economy. He said;

“Whatever our differences, we are Liberians first! As Liberia is the only country that we have, we must do all in our powers to keep it safe.”

The erstwhile slaves are arrived in the then Providence Island, now Monrovia the capital city of Liberia in 1822, which was part of a mission by the American Colonization Society. The aim was to bring down the number of free Blacks in the United States, by settling them in Africa.

They are believed to have landed on January 7, 1822, that led to the establishment of their capital city, Monrovia, but the arrival of Black Americans 200 years ago is a representation of just a part of the rich Liberian story.

It is believed that, the United States and Liberia have been two of the oldest Republics in the world, they share unique history and rampant values of democracy.

Although there were some periods Liberia experienced civil unrest, President Weah celebrated the progress of his country so far. In his address, he said;

“I believe that our forefathers can look down on today’s Liberia with pride and satisfaction, seeing that their dreams have not only been realized, but their vision has also been sustained…When I think about what it must have felt like for those first free people arriving to establish Monrovia…I can’t help but reflect on the dep, strong, historical ties between the United States and Liberia”.

It is strongly affirmed that; Liberia has enjoyed political stability since the civil war came to an abrupt end.


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