Meet the fifteen Years old Mohammed who can fix a bulb which has burnt out forever


Ibrahim Mohammed fifteen Years born in Suhum in the Eastern region of Ghana has got an idea of fixing bulb which has burnt forever and repair other electrical appliances.
His dream of repairing and fixing started at the age of seven in Suhum (Top way) when he showed interest and picking damaged tools and repair it to it original state
Mohammed got his inspiration from his mother, when she told not to joke with what he is doing because it is His future.
Since then Mohammed has been repairing damaged tools and electrical appliances.
Through Hardwork and determination, Mohammed can fix a bulb which has burnt forever and now it is working efficiently without any fault.
But the bulb that he fixed can’t bright as it was before it got burnt
Not only burnt bulb that Mohammed can fix,he has done a numerous of work repairing and innovating that hot him applaud in his community.
Notable of His craft was when he repair a spoilt radio set which has been rejected by the owner.
Mohammed took it and repair it to it original state.That was Mohammed first of fixing a spoilt gadgets
Mohammed can use box to create a remote aeroplane which use mottor to move.
Mohammed dream and aspirations is to work with Aps Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka in order to learn more about him on how to manufacture tools and machines


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