Miss Tourism Ghana 2022 Launched in Accra

Ghana’s premier tourism beauty pageantry Miss Tourism Ghana has launched its 2022 edition in Accra.

This year’s contest has been themed ‘Heart of Ghana’ in a bid to explore what actually the heart of Ghana means per tourism, culture, heritage, etc.

For the past thirteen (13) years, organizers have championed the course to promote Ghana’s rich culture through beauty pageantry. In addition, these contests are used as driving tools to engender charity work, women’s health advocacy, and tourism promotion, among others.

Speaking to starrfm.com.gh on the sidelines of the event, the Director of events and operations at Miss Tourism Ghana Delphine Brew-Hammond explained the themes indicating that it will cover chieftaincy, entertainment, social media, culture, heritage, etc.

“Tourism is not just about travel, so we want to explore the real heart of Ghana, our warmth, cultural heritage, etc. We’ll be going to villages to continue doing our orphanage work, helping the needy, women advocacy for women’s health and we also want to open up Ghana to more of the diaspora. It shouldn’t only be about Christmas in Ghana, a lot more things happen in Ghana.”

The grand finale is expected to take place on September 2 at the National Theatre. The entire month of May will be dedicated to auditions in different regions in the country, with the last one happening on June 4 in Accra after which sixteen (16) finalists will be picked.

Mad. Brew Hammond noted that as always that “once we are done with the auditions, we normally pick about forty (40) girls and we assign them with tasks and they do it, then we pick the sixteen (16) out of it.”

“One of the years, we tasked them to do a 3-minute video to sell Ghana and we sent the videos all across the world and got the feedback, picked sixteen (16) girls, camped them, and after everything is done we go to the grand finale and we pick a winner.”

She however insisted that “one thing that I also want to say is at Miss Tourism, you don’t represent the region you hail from. We’ve had a few because maybe there are ten (10) vegetarians but other than that, everyone will not represent the region that they hail from because we want them to learn about the other regions, we want them to be tolerant.”

Even though she acknowledged that there have been challenges, she noted that she did not want to dwell on them but called for individuals and organizations to come and support the initiative.

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