Ever heard of the akan adage which says, “se nkuro dooso a yenntena faako nngye enimguase”? To wit, you don’t sit at one place and waste away when there are other opportunities to make it else where?

It seems upcoming artiste Ms. Forson has picked a lesson from this old saying by hooking up with black avenue musik after a seeming split from ruff town records.

If you can recall, back at the 2018 VGMAs, CEO of ruff town records, Bullet, introduced Ms. Forson to the whole world as his latest artiste and she looked destined to fill in the big shoes of Ebony (R.I.P).

However, as it stands it looks like, that musical marriage couldn’t workout according to information we have gathered. That partnership looks to have turned sour.

Anyway, Bullet’s loss seems to have been DBlack’s gain. It now looks like Black Avenue Musik have their woman now.

Why do we say so? This is because kobbykyeinews has recently sited a new music video of the artiste on the official YouTube page of Black Avenue Musik. Added to that is a budding bromance that looked to have picked up between Ms. Forson and other signees of Black Avenue Musik as she has been seen on a number of occasions hanging out with them.

And the question we’re asking is, If this is not enough proof for you that Ms. Forson is now with Black Avenue Musik, then what else?

Over to you Music lovers, Do you think Bullet played with our minds last year or things just didn’t workout for Ms. Forson at ruff town? Is the Black Avenue the right place for her to grow as an artiste?
Let’s know your views.

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