Analysis of Okyeame Kwame’s Piece (KPA)

Analysis of Okyeame Kwame’s Piece (KPA)

This piece is a very beautiful and interesting piece. The piece employs three chords. This chords are chord one, chord two and chord three. These three chords are also called primary chords.


The instrumentation as far as this piece is concerned can be classified as a good one. There is a fusion of Western and African instruments which makes the piece extraordinary. Western instruments like the trumpet, trombone, bass guitar and keyboard (synthesizer) were used for good effects on the traditional instruments like the bell, conga, Gombe and the maracas.


There are two voicing techniques that were employed as far as Okyeame kwame’s Piece (KPA) is concerned.

  1. Rapping
  2. Singing
    Sang in G Major, the singing was done by the wulomei. Their way of singing is typically a traditional indigenous type. The rapping was also a very good voicing which was employed to embellish the singing. This is a very good technique used by this composer.


The lyrics in the song are simple and easy to sing along which makes it suitable for most music lovers to easily grasp and sing along. The employment of two of Ghana’s most spoken dialects (twi and Ga) with a mix of English is perfect for the music market.


For a nation that would want to dance to every song, KPA is the perfect rhythmic song. It is traditional and most people can dance to the rhythm of the music. The tempo is on point for any mood and occasion. This is a masterpiece.

Music is an Art. The fusion of western and African instruments together with the use of voicing technique makes this particular piece a beautiful one. I grade this piece as an A piece.

Source : Kobby Kyei

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