Music Review: Analysis Of “Odehyie” By Donzy Ft. Fameye

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Hello, welcome to the Kobby Kyei News music review. Today, we set sights on Donzy’s “Odehyie” which features “Nothing I Get” hitmaker, Fameye.


The piece is in F major. The composer used four chords. They are chord six (6), chord four (4), chord one (1) and chord five (5) respectively.


The composer employed two voicing techniques. The use of singing and rapping. That combination is brilliant because it tells clearly what the composer is really communicating to his audience especially the rapping aspect.


The instrumentation of this piece is one of the best. The composer decided to improvise his rhythms (that is what we call rhythmic improvisation in music). The composer carried his rhythms at certain parts of the music which is a plus and also did some rollings. That idea is a great one. Talking about instrumentation, so far this is one of the best. In fact this is how instruments should be directed to play. The synergy of all the instruments to bring out this soothing piece is a thing of beauty.


The aesthetics of this piece sets it apart and makes it one of the best among others. The composer is a very creative personality. Therefore you could clearly see from his attitude as far as this composition is concerned. All I can say is that beauty as far as this piece is concerned is unique.

Suggestions and recommendations

I always say that music is an art and must be treated as such. I always recommend that learning to be like someone is not a crime but rather improves your ability and quality. Let’s learn from each other to improve ourselves in the industry.

Music analysis by Kobby Kyei.

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