Music Review: Analysis of Verony – All I want (Official Acoustic video)

Music Review: Analysis of Verony – All I want (Official Acoustic video)

On our music review desk today, we take a critical look at Verony’s new single, “All I want” and scrutinize into details the composition of this song.

The piece is in A major. The composer employed only three (3) chords. They are chord five (5), chord six (6) and chord four (4) respectively.


The composer decided to use only singing. She also made use of some voicing techniques like Glissando, Melisma and some scaly figures with Jargons. This technique used by the composer made the song a beautiful one and soo touching. A lovely one of course.


The instrumentation of this particular piece is excellent. Why? The composer thought it twice to use live instruments. This alone gave a natural and unique sound quality. This made the instrumental work superb. The instrumentalists decided to also do some improvisations like rhythmic improvisation, harmonic and melodic improvisations as well. So for example, you can hear the acoustic guitar doing some nice lines with the keyboard and the bass guitar. Almost all the instruments. This is soo beautiful. This is a plus on the part of instrumentation.


The beautiful part of this piece is that, the composer, knew what she was doing, she really involved herself in the performance. Her antics and movements alone tells that she is really singing a love song. That is a plus. She did her best to depict the title of the piece, and that was clear. I always say that you don’t need a lot of people to shoot a music video, if only you know what you are really doing. Her attitude in the performance is a clear indication of maturity as far as music and performance is concerned. That is a plus. Nice key signature, nice instrumentation and nice ethics display. This is an A piece.

Suggestions and recommendations

I always say that music is an art and it must be treated as such. Aesthetics is very important in the arts. That is what moves the audience to always love to watch a performer perform on stage. Take note. Therefore it’s very important these things are given due considerations as far as music is concerned.

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