Music Review: Analysis Of Gyakie’s “Forever”

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On the menu today on Kobby Kyei News’ music review is “Forever” by sensational Ghanaian singer, Gyakie. The song is off her debut EP, “Seed”.


The music is in B flat minor. The composer used about four chords. They are chord 1 B flat minor, chord 7 A flat major, chord 5 F minor and chord 3 C major.

Structure and form

The music is in this form, A, B, A, C, A. Therefore the piece can be said to be in a Rondo form because it follows that structure.


The instrumentation of this piece is superb. The composer decided to do rhythmic improvisation at certain sections of the piece like some parts of the chorus section for instance which was so good. She also made use of no percussion at the beginning part of the piece which is also a good technique. The use of rollings of the percussion instruments made the piece very interesting. The instrumentation is very good. Very simple and interesting.


The aesthetics as far as this piece is concerned is a nice one. I love the antics of the composer. She tries to depict love to a man she claims she loves so much and it was clear in her presentation of the video clip. Remember, I always say that it’s not the video alone which depicts aesthetics but also the blending of parts and harmony together with instrumentation and so on. All these are well presented in this piece and that makes it aesthetically good. Well-done to the composer. I’ll rate this piece as an A piece.

Suggestions and recommendations

I always say that music is an art and must be treated as such. That is the only way the listeners will enjoy. Music is life and so the life in it must be portrayed to the audience.

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