My Certificate Verses My Passion; Daniel Arthur-Mensah, CA Writes

The current generation is blessed to have a lot of academic and professional training Institutions as compared to the past where there were few universities and technical training institutions which were accessible to a very small number of the population.

The increase in numbers has made it easy to acquire a degree or a diploma certificate.
In my opinion, having such institutions in the country is the best thing that can happen to any country like Ghana but there is something interesting which I would like to share.

How accessible are these institutions? The basic answer is to get the required grades and money, you are good to go!

Over the years, I have seen a lot of people who got access to these institutions because different options were prescribed for them. Therefore, they couldn’t get the opportunity to pursue their passion because they could not meet the cut off point whilst others decided to go to certain institutions all because they will get allowances to support themselves but not because that is their passion. These things are negatively impacting on the output we get from our labour force.

Imagine going to the hospital and seeing a nurse arguing with a poor patient just to prove a point that he/she is right making the patient have no case, don’t you think a Lawyer has become a nurse? Sadly, by the time the argument ends, whatever is wrong with the patient has already worsened.
Can you imagine having a full time entrepreneur as a teacher in the school of your ward.? All that comes to his/her mind is to check up on his businesses during classes hours at the expense of the students whilst passionate teachers are at home because they couldn’t meet the cut off point for these institutions or the institutions don’t have enough capacity to contain them.

Isn’t it amazing that most of the teachers in the private schools are not professional teachers, yet they get the children to pass massively than the pupils in public schools? I think It’s not anything special than the passion they have towards their work

Growing up, I have met a lot of people who have all the degrees in their room gathering dust but have no passion for their work. They only went for them, because society respect those who have gone for degrees so they have to prove to the society that they are also brilliant and intelligent but their impact on the society is nothing to write home about.

Can our institutions give people opportunity to pursue their passion with less attention on their grades?

Can family, friends and the society allow young people to identify their passion on their own with career guidance rather than to impose a profession on them?

Can we utilize the counseling and guidance departments in our schools and societies?

This is what I think holds the key to a brighter future for the younger generations. There is no useless course in the universities and other tertiary institutions . A course becomes useless to you when you have no passion for it. I know you have already pursued a course to make your parents and society happy. I know you have managed to pass the courses given you by the institution you attended or I know you have finished taking the students’ allowances but the passion and the job satisfaction is not there.

Nothing is too late, keep pushing till you identify and end up in your passion. There is no joy than waking up to see yourself doing what you really love to do.

Identify your passion, seek professional counsel, invest in it and make yourself and the society proud.

Written by Daniel Arthur-Mensah,CA


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