My Father Wanted Me To Be a Doctor Not a Comedian – Lekzy Decomic

My Father Wanted Me To Be a Doctor Not a Comedian – Lekzy Decomic

There is no doubt that stand up comedy in Ghana is once again and indeed standing up and one of those people who are contributing to this is Lekzy Decomic.

Born Emmanuel Nkansah, the comedian who is also a graduate of the Takoradi Technical University is gradually making a name for himself as one of Ghana’s most talented comedians.

It is for this promise and potential that he made an appearance on the Independence day edition of The KSM show hosted by the Godfather of GH comedy Kwaku Sintim Misa (KSM)

Lekzy, a graphic designer by profession disclosed on the show that his Father had always wanted him to be a Medical Doctor and had never supported him to do comedy until he brought home his first pay cheque.

“From a young age my Dad always saw me as his Doctor. Even when he saw my grades couldn’t take me to medical school, he advised that I turn to herbal medicine since they are all doctors. To him, it was doctor or nothing else”, he said.

He also revealed that he was doing music in high school until he switched to comedy.

When asked how he got into comedy, this was what the humuor therapist had to say, “People had always said I was a fool growing up. Though I didn’t like that tag but I couldn’t control it either since comedy came to me as a natural thing. However, I got serious with comedy when my friend, Richard Djanie aka GEM, motivated me to do it because to him, I looked more of a comedian than a musician, and I have not looked back since then.

He has performed on big stages such as comedy bar, night of 1022 laughs, DKB’s point of view and has his own show called Laugh Line which he runs at the Silverbird cinemas.

Now I hope Lekzy’s story is going to inspire Ghanaian parents to pay more attention to the talents of their children because that might be the source of the family’s daily bread in the future.

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