New school rappers are not asking for public sympathy, we just rap about real life issues – Kofi Mole

Ground Up chale artiste Kofi Mole has had some strong words for people who think he and his colleague new generation rappers are just doing music to “attract sympathy”.

According to him, the kind of rap he and his contemporaries do is about real life issues. It is their way of letting people know how hard today’s life is for young people and the hustle they go through to make ends meet. It is about life he says.

In a tweet, the “Don’t Be Late” rapper said, “Most people think that the rappers of this generation just love to rap about hustle in order to attract sympathy. No this is our life. Ain’t nobody faking out here.”

This post seemed to have gone down well with fellow rapper Manifest who retweeted with the caption, “Speak your truth with no apology”.

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