A Letter To Nana Yaw Amponsah, New Kotoko CEO

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On the lips of many Asante Kotoko fans, the recent Kotoko management was one of the worst in recent years. On the face of happenings, maybe yes but in terms of their ability I totally disagree.

One may ask, then why those media fracas and supporters agitations that plagued their time in office? The answer is not far fetched, it’s very simple. Kotoko managements over the years didn’t have defined roles for persons in management.

In the erstwhile Mr. George Amoako led management, his honour Dr. Kwame Kyei was also a part of that management. Wasn’t that funny? He was literally heading the management in the Executive Chairman role bestowed on him. I ask, was he not overstepping the duties of the CEO in that role. I’m reliably informed the Executive Chairman per such role was the signatory to all club transactions at management level.

It was quite fascinating Nana Gyambibi Coker in his earlier role as special aide to Dr. Kyei was seen in meetings on contract negotiations. Where does this happen in a corporate body. Such is only tantamount to grief by the others who may feel they have been sidestepped.

Fast forward the same Nana Gyambibi Coker was appointed General Manager. This is what up until today I don’t get a better understanding. What then became the role of the CEO when there was a GM? This I repeat only breeds animosity among people within the regime.

It is not an open secret Mr. George Amoako was sidelined in his role as CEO. His recent comments in the media space after he asked for the payment of his owed salary further buttresses my point.

As I have already stated, the bane of all Kotoko issues starts when there’s confusion between the CEO and board chairman. A good example is the bridge between Mr. Herbert Mensah ( the best CEO in recent times) and then board chairman, the Late Mr. P.V Obeng. This brought a lot of problems to the great club.

In the future, there should be defined roles for persons in management. The CEO should be given free hand to operate but to the incoming CEO remember football financing in our part of the world greatly comes from the board chairmen and club owners. DON’T OVERSTEP BOUNDARIES.

By: Derrick Agyei Kwarteng, Staunch Kotoko Supporter.