The success story of Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has been attributed to Efficiency, Effectiveness and delivery of service on time.

Speaking at a ceremony to endorse punctuality pledge, the Chief Executive of DVLA, Mr. Kwasi Agyeman Busia, said, prior to date, the Authority diagnosed challenges such as lack of timeliness, rigorous bureaucracy process that people go through in getting service done, lack of transparency, efficiency and the activities of middlemen.

He said, the determination by the Authority to fix the challenges led to the development of the strategic vision of the Authority which encompasses People, Process and Technology which he said, has contributed to the transformation and innovations in DVLA.

Mr. Busia noted that there was the need to sustain the positive transformation of the Authority, ‘we have to sustain what we have started’. He said, strategic vision was put together to build and ensure a sustainable Authority with the most motivated staff and delivery of the outmost services at all times.

“Today’s meeting reminds me that our service delivery is having an effect and people are watching. The most important thing is having a structure that works. When punctuality is inculcated in the mission of an organisation the sky will be the limit”, he said.

The Chief Executive expressed his gratitude to the Punctuality Ghana Foundation and said the signing of the pledge was a motivation for the Authority to work harder to attain its goal.

In a welcome address the Deputy Chief Executive of DVLA in charge of Services, Mr. Kwame Appiah Kubi said, punctuality drives productivity therefore as an Authority, there was the need to ensure punctuality as key component in its operations.

Lead Punctuality Crusader, Mr. Emmanuel Amarquaye said,punctuality is constantly reducing the time spent in doing the things which used to be done.

He said poor supervision at the civil and public service accounts for the malingering and lackadaisical attitude to work by some staff.

According to Mr. Amarquaye, productivity will improve if organizations puts in measures to ensure that offices open on time, there was availability of technological gadgets to promote attendance to work, effective management of correspondence, proper management of meetings, smooth continuation of work when one is on leave and developing innovative ways of increasing revenue.

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