Environmental Friendliness: The Need To Change The Sanitation Woes Of The Country.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, but in this part of the world we are far from reaching Godliness. Sanitation has been a problem since I could remember. There have been campaigns on tv and radio help with the sanitation issue but is that making the expected impact it is supposed to make?

Zoomlion Ghana limited, was established in 2006 as a waste management business in Ghana. Its core mandate is to help deal with the country’s waste menace and to also address the mounting unemployment challenges confronting the youth (the unemployment would be addressed proper in a different featured article.) Zoomlion has been able handle the country’s sanitation problem to a nominal level but they cannot fight this sanitation battle alone, they need the help of everyone to curb this problem.


But then the sanitation issue is not just an Accra problem, according to statistics by Mr. David Duncan, Chief Water Sanitation and Hygiene Officer at UNICEF in 2015 cited that, the region with highest open defecation in the country is Upper East Region with the percentage of 89% followed by 72% from the Northern Region and 71% from the Upper West Region.

The stats may be from 2015, but ask yourself, what improvement has been seen since then? What changes have occurred? The solutions of this sanitation problems do not solely rest in the hands zoomlion. The entire country has a part to play in resolving this problem. If we stopped littering, everywhere we found ourselves, we would be on our way to having a very neat country.

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh speaking to some staff of Zoomlion Ghana

Cholera and diarrhea have claimed the lives of millions of Ghanaians, most being children. An independent country with a republican status in a high good standing like Ghana, was ranked 2nd in the world in 2014 and 2015 for having high cases of cholera cases. “Patriotic Citizens” of our beloved country do not see the need to start improving on our sanitation from the grass root but rather depend on the government to drench our choked gutters, clear our water bodies that has been polluted with chemicals from illegal mining, Galamsey. At least the urban areas have reached a considerable level in sanitation but the goal is to equalize the level of sanitation across the country. There should therefore be the need for the realization that, the little effort by ourselves in our various homes to help curb insanity in our environment can affect a national change. Put all rubbish in the dustbin and the Zoomlion waste management services would be there to dispose of them, treat your water bodies with much care and we can all have good drinking water to save lives.

The government also, in addition to observing the Sanitation Day; a day set aside to clean our surroundings (which hasn’t been as effective as it is supposed to be) can also implore people to go around to houses to collect their plastic waste at a price which could be recycled to other items which would serve the nation well.


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