Environmental Sanitation: Market Centres, Hub For Food Not Mountain Of Trash

Sanitation, though it is a problem facing the metropolitan assembly. This shouldn’t be an issue if we all collaborate in ensuring that our surroundings are neatly kept. In this piece, I have outlined measures that I believe when taken would improve and protect the health and well-being of the people of Ghana.

Sanitation has become a problem for a very long time. Authorities and concerned citizens of Ghana over the years have failed in achieving its target of maintaining clean and hygienic environment. One of such places that is accumulating to the sanitation problem is the market places.

In my opinion most of the market users have little education on hygiene and sanitation; not that they are dirty people but the mentality of “I did not do it so I will not clean up” is what is making the market places a hub for rubbish. This makes them not to see the issue of sanitation as important hence they fail to change their way of living that will help them to practice the proper sanitation. I know there have been outreaches in our various market places to preach proper hygiene but it seems to be falling to deaf ears.

Zoomlion is working so hard and trying their best to improve on sanitation, they are all over the place making sure the environment is clean but they can only do much, majority of keeping the sanitation of the nation at 100% rests on us; the public.The best course of actions should be that the management of these market places will work together to hold educational programs about Sanitation for market users. Also there should be adequate provisions of waste collections bins, this would help solve the mountains of rubbish heaped at these places. Most importantly, our market women must be vigilant to check and correct those whose main purpose is to loiter, when this habit is adopted, it would go a long way in keeping our markets clean. When decisions about sanitation are being made, let’s involve the public so they know more and also put in place policies that will punish people who will make it their business to destroy the sanitation of the markets.

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