EXCLUSIVE: All New 24-Hour 3Music Television Channel Coming

EXCLUSIVE: All New 24-Hour 3Music Television Channel Coming

With a track record of changing narratives, 3Music is about to do it again.

Privileged information available to Kobby Kyei News indicates that the organizers of the popular 3Music Awards is about to change the music game in Ghana with its latest project.

The project, which will be rolling out soon will start with a 24hour music channel and it will be a game changer in the Ghanaian music space.

The focus of this project per a close source is to drive a narrative of projecting not just the Ghanaian sound but the African sound to the world by throwing the spotlight on how these unique and authentic sounds are created.

Beyond the channel, 3Music will also provide record label services to major artistes in marketing their music to the global market as well as using its plugs and connections to provide aggregator services in ensuring that talents secure the full benefits of their creative works.

As part of this new project, the organisation has acquired a new office space with a live studio where live productions can be created and live events hosted such as listening sessions, parties, etc.

To provide thought leadership narratives in building the industry, conferences, seminars and regular trainings will be organized for industry players and stakeholders in the creative arts, the insider disclosed.

It is a one of a kind project that seeks to galvanize and bring a much needed transformation in the music industry.

It is coming. Wait for it. 3Music promises and always delivers. This will be BIG!!

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