FanMilk “Lynx” Up With KiDi And Kuami Eugene In Mega Ambassadorial Deal

FanMilk “Lynx” Up With KiDi And Kuami Eugene In Mega Ambassadorial Deal

Yes! Call them the hottest in Ghana now. Either they are killing their fans with enjoyment or spreading the dollars on them, this dynamic duo have stamped their authority on the entertainment industry in recent years.

The two show stoppers and hitmakers are now bringing something sweeter to their fans beyond the music. Call it a triple dose of sweetness with this upcoming mega collaboration.

Still fresh in the rumour mill, KiDi and Kuami Eugene are set to be announced as the latest superstar brand ambassadors of the all new FanIce Double Treat.

The FanIce Double Treat is the newest addition to the family of ice cream giants, FanMilk. It comes with two flavour combinations in one tub – the vanilla/chocolate and the vanilla/strawberry.

So just imagine, sweet music, sweet ice cream and sweet personalities tagging together in a one of a kind deal in Ghana. Call it a masterstroke from FanMilk with this “lynx” up or a smart business move from the duo but one thing is certain, both ice cream lovers and music fanatics are in for another fantastic ride.

This is an exciting partnership which promises so much more and we can only keep our fingers crossed for this upcoming triple dose of sweetness. Stay tuned and keep watching this space……

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