Honorable Rachel Appoh Urges Gender Activists To Speak For Men Following How Abena Korkor Disgraced Some Men

The former Deputy Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Honorable Rachel Appoh goes hard on Abena Korkor basing on fame eagerness to disgrace high profiled men in the country.

In a viral video, the Gomoa Central MP urged Ghanaian female activists to change into gender activists and speak on behalf of men because, some females use that as an opportunity to disgrace men.

She said;

“Fellow Ghanaians, I think its high time we female activists turn to gender activists and speak on behalf of our men. We always speak on behalf of females and following that, some women take this advantage to disgrace men.”

She further threw shades went hard on Abenaa Korkor, telling her speaking good grammar is not a sign of smartness and intelligence.

She said;

“Abena Korkor, people build up their career and you just get up one day to pull down their reputation. Give birth to a man, bring him up, let someone disgrace him and see how painful it is. Speaking good grammar does not make you intelligent. Speaking good grammar doesn’t make you smart. Be smart and intelligent.”


Rachel didn’t end it there, but went ahead to draw her attention on the disruption she is administering on the wives of the men she claims to have slept with.

She said;

“You always claim you sleep with men. Have you realized how much you torture their wives? Female activists are not speaking for you because, we have realized you are not sick. You are just eager to become famous. Have you realized the state of the wives of Abeiku Santana, Stonebwoy and Sammy Awuku? What prove have you got? Provide your proof. Provide videos and pictures so we will know someone came to your house. After you take a picture with someone, you claim sleeping with him. You are a disgrace to women. Will you shut up for once?”


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