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Nation Building: Our Environment Our Home Let’s Keep It Clean.

Nation Building: Our Environment Our Home Let’s Keep It Clean.
  • Nation Building: Our Environment Our Home Let’s Keep It Clean.

Sanitation remains one of the biggest challenges facing the country. That being said, past government’s have made it one of the topmost priorities to combat the filth in the country. They had made policies to reduce the production of filth in the country especially in the capital city but to no avail, the problem keeps increasing 

His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo promised to make Accra the cleanest city in the world; only a year after being in office, but the city hasn’t seen any improvements, rather compared to previous years the city looks very filthy.

There are many waste management companies in the country now. Companies such as Zoomlion, Nawabin to name a few play crucial roles in this regard. However citizenry reorientation seem the way forward; in the sense people have to make it an effort to stop littering about.

As citizens we must compliment government’s efforts by making sure we don’t litter and also be conscious of our environment. Today the impunity with which we litter is unimaginable. We throw rubbish any how and anywhere we find ourselves. In some sense, we are our own enemies.

Zoomlion over the years have been pushing modules to clean the country and at this point deserves citizen participation. We as citizens must make it our duty to keep our environment clean. The country is for us and we must do everything to protect it, keeping it clean is one way of protecting it.

Soon the rains will set in and the stories will be about floods and cholera. These things about us must change. We must do everything possible to move our country from all these disasters. This can happen if we clean our environment. Let’s keep our environment clean to avert avoidable dangers ahead.

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