PERSONALITY PROFILE: A Product of God’s Grace – Agglyn Blessing

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“It was never my plan to do music but God through the Holy Spirit kept impressing it upon me to do and I obeyed”, this summarises the music story of amazing Ghanaian gospel ministrel, Agglyn Blessing.

Real name, Helena Akrong, Agglyn is a Ghanaian singer and songwriter who lives in Germany. She was born and raised in Accra, but moved to the UK and eventually settled in Germany after marriage.

She describes her upbringing in Ghana as an easy one though it was mostly spent with her Dad as her mother left for Germany as she was still in her tender years.

Singing has always been her thing from childhood and she was scouted into a singing group in her basic school days. Agglyn however didn’t really harbour plans to venture into music professionally and was comfortable just being a member of the choral group she found herself.

“I wanted to write songs for people to sing and not me. With the kind of songs and how I felt writing them, I wanted people with more powerful voices like Beyonce and Celine Dion to express them” says Agglyn whose fortunes rather changed after moving to Germany in 2013.

The singer now found herself leading song ministrations at her church after joining the Choir. “I never knew I could sing for people to appreciate and push me to that leading role”, she says in appreciation.

She recounts how she mysteriously found a keyboard at the entrance of her house one day after church and with no tuition, Agglyn now started writing her own songs through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and some dreams she kept having.

She then started hitting the studio and recording her own songs. With a year experience in music, Agglyn has two singles out, “Magnify Yourself” and “Faithful” and has something in the pipeline with one of Ghana’s finest contemporary gospel singers, Akesse Brempong.

Her ambition is to start a record label in the near future but she’s now concentrating on bringing out more spirit filled tunes to bless and motivate God’s people. Agglyn says she loves Ohemaa Mercy and would like to work with every Bible believing gospel singer.

She is married with three children and loves to write and play her keyboard.

Follow her on all her social media handles @AgglynBlessing and support her music.