Yvonne Nelson Covers Agoo Magazine As Moesha Boduong…

Award-winning actress Yvonne Nelson on trending news with Blagogee.com has covered the front page of Agoo Magazine with her daughter Ryn Roberts.

This actually happens to be the first time the actress has unveiled the face of her daughter to the general public.

The actress on Instagram shared the cover page of the magazine as she talks about motherhood et al on the magazine.

Yvonne Nelson revealed that “People have been saying all sorts about why I’m having a baby whilst I’m not married. This is an answered prayer for me, they have no idea. Maybe one day they’ll get to hear my story.

Although, April 2018 is the fixed month for the unveiling of Yvonne Nelson cover for Agoo Magazine the magazine promises to educate, entertain readers who patronize copies of the magazine.

Agoo Magazine is an international lifestyle magazine with curated content that embraces Afrocentric culture and style, leisure and tourism as well as emerging social trends and topical issues.

Moesha Boduong

The most talked about CNN’s Christiane Amanpour interviewing Moesha Boduong witnessed scores of Ghanaian ladies lashing at the actress.

Moesha on her Instagram handle revealed that she on time told her father that she will one day be on CNN.

“Dear God I am most greatful. In the last few years I have erred and I have learnt, I have cried and I have laughed, moments of darkness and moments of sunshine but in all these I have learnt that to stay through to self is a divine enhancer. The Universe will conspire for your good, if you can just stay true to self!
Last year I had the honor to sit with a Global Media Giant ; CNN’s Christiane Amanpour! What a Might God We Serve!! Humbled and Excited. Catch me on CNN soon! Let the haters hate and let God keep blessing you. Daddy I have made it I remember I once told my dad I will be on Cnn and It came to pass”

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