People Use Negativity As Alternative For Marketing – Musician Edem

Ghanaian Musician, Edem has touched on negativity and its impact to the Ghanaian society. Apparently most people nowadays dwell on negativity for their survival, that is writing or publishing fake news and stories to trend.

This canker is gradually taking away attention from the good positive contents intended to provide assistance in reasoning and life in the Country.

According to Edem, he strongly holds a view that, in areas where negativity is becoming the order of the day, it is nothing than limited resources in the area, where people the dwell on the negativity as an option for Marketing.

He said;

“I believe say in spaces like this where negativity dey, it is because resources are limited. So people dey use negativity as an alternative for marketing.”

On the social media space for instance, negative contents have more followers than positive contents, so most bloggers thinking of the money they will make alone pumps in more negative contents as an alternative for marketing purposes.

Edem was emphatic that, some of these negativity in our societies have future consequences on our children, friends and other relatives thus, we need think about the spread of negativity very well.


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