Poetry Is A Beautiful Art- Poet Timmy

As a youth in Ghana, from the days of my childhood, there were lots of activities i grew up seeing and taking part in. I saw saw football and I heard music, I saw portrait and drawing, I saw dancing and I heard poetry too. I grew to understand it’s all Art and each child has a bit of Art in him or her, some will sing words , others will say the words with rhyme and rhythm.

Some will dance in celebration and some will play football, some will put emotions into visual, it’s all part of entertainment and activities that entertain people is seen to be Art.
well, I’ve grown into youth and I’ve realized the above stated activities are all still Art but the exception of poetry.

Yes poetry seems to be off the grid now and it’s seen unimportant because of what I hear and see from our cherished media persons, the leaders, the ministry and ministers. I’ve chanced on hearing the talk on promoting the art and culture of our nation and each time I heard them was on music, music, music a bit of dancing and drawing and we all know the value placed on football but when it comes to the spoken word art, it’s as sad as “cry”.
one hardly hear about the ministers talk about poetry and when they try to talk about it, it’s just a simple mention.

a mention Because they know it’s part of Art and yet treat it whimsical in regards to promotion. There seems to be no effort really to promote the art of poetry.

if you asked me what the importance of poetry is, then I’d ask you too what the importance of music is.
what people miss to understand is that poetry is a written song. A song with no music is a poem.
my plead to my national ministers on Art. please some of us couldn’t sing to make feet move but we have the ability of thinking deep to write words that entertain the mind and heart as well as educate the mind. poetry is an Art that upgrade both the reciter and the listeners mind. Some of our words are like prophesy (philosophy).
I ask you to take keen interest in promoting poetry brewed from the inner most of our souls before we use our skilful words to lie and become fraudsters.
Dear Hon. Catherine Afeku , with your experience of travel and diversity in language and your able team, please take a clean good look at us (POETS) and POETRY.
I know you know POETRY has POWER.
just in case you forgot, Poetry is powerful.

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