4 Healthy Sanitation Tips for Your Home.

4 Healthy Sanitation Tips for Your Home.

They say charity begins at home and it is very true that if you want to effect change in the world you must first change yourself. Since we want a clean and healthy environment, we must by keeping our homes very clean. Here are 4 sanitation tips to have a clean and healthy home.

• Frequent House Cleaning – Cleaning the house frequently doesn’t just keep the house neat but provide a healthy environment. Dusting cupboards alone is not enough. There must be a thorough house cleaning, clearing bushes, cleaning chocked gutters and daily sweeping.

• Keep adequate dustbins – Before even imagining cleanliness having adequate dustbins and designated waste area is important. We segregate waste into recyclable and non-recyclable waste and that helps municipal authorities in waste disposal. This also one important point authorities must take note of. I would discuss that in subsequent articles.

• Wash clothes regularly – Personal Hygiene is also important. wash clothes and bed linen at regular interval. This habit keeps them clean and keeps you tidy. Neatly cleaned and ironed clothes add to my personality and keep me stylish, too. One of my healthy habits helps me to keep me stylish too. It is a known truth that boys can go one week with just one boxer shorts, but that habit is very unhealthy. Regular change of underwear makes you neat and since you are conscious of your body, you would be very much conscious of your surroundings.

• Have Adequate Lavatory – It is sad to note that in India around 626 million people defecate in the open. I am not sure about the figures for Ghana, but it is on an alarming rate. This is not only leading to safety issues but this is also leading us to enormous environmental pollution issue, leading to death of people by water borne diseases.