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Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse

This Project is an Initiative founded by the CEO of HM Group of Companies, Mr. Aaron Adu Ayim with steps involved in protecting our Children from sexual abuse using an evidence informed approach. These guidelines provide simple and practical actions you can take to prevent , recognize and react responsibly to Child Abuse.

It is made up of 5 simple and practical steps every person can learn whether literate or illeterate to help eradicate child sexual abuse.

Step 1 : Learn the Facts.
It is to explain at what ages children become vunerable to this act, how it happens , people who are often and likely to be culprit and what impacts it has on the children.

Step 2 : Minimize opportunity.
If you eliminate opportunities fpr children to be in isolated one on one situations you can dramatically reduce the risk of abuse.
More than 80% of sexual abuse cases occur in isolated one on one situations.

Step 3 : Talk about it.
This explain why children will keep the abuse as a secret and also what to do to enable them open up to parents and guardians when abuse occurs. Teaching them to also say “No” when abuser approaches.

Step 4 : Recognize the Sings.
Knowing the signs of abuse to protect children from further harm. What signs to look out for physically if your child or children might have been abused and with children who have no physical signs what medium to also use or look out for.

Step 5 : React Responsibly.
How to react to help children open up to you when something of such happens and how to also offer support to children as soon as they break the news to you.

This is just a synopsis of the project but our main write up will be shared after launch.

Lastly , The Police has not been good with handling cases of sexual abuse so in order to see to it that children get the justi ce that they are due we have come up with a firm of which we will discuss when appropriate.

Partners of this Project are : Youth Alert Network , GC Foundation , Urs Truly Praiz , Derby’s Foundation , Clique Empire , Edugen International , The Family Gh , Help the Girl Child , A.C .K Media Consult , YOGA , Best Brain Community Fun Club , Raise the Child Foundation , SmileTime Africa, S24 Digital , Kobby Kyei News and now with Eshwa Chumbow delegate at Young African Women Congress ( YAWC ) and Founder at Building Africa and Restoring Visions ( BARV ) Cameroon.

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