Shatta Wale can get me mad but our differences shouldn’t make us miss the bigger picture – Sarkodie

The Ghana music industry in recent years has been bedeviled with “beefs” and egocentrism with a lot of artistes claiming supremacy in one genre or the other. Whereas some say it is good for the industry and part of the showbiz culture others believe it is a bad advertisement for our music and does not speak well of us on the international stage.

In a series of post on his social media accounts, newly crowned VGMA artiste of the decade, Sarkodie has also added his voice to this ongoing phenomenon. Tweeting at his 2 million followers on twitter, “The Highest”, dished some advise to his fellow musicians, asking them to focus on the bigger picture in as much as they throw shots at each other which he says is “not always necessary”.

Below is a thread of his posts on his twitter timeline:

There’s is a bigger picture out there for Us (musicians) to look at …
Ghana is doing well on the international scene and we need to keep pushing for higher heights… We don’t have time to be distracted…

Throwing shots on records has always been part of the art (not always necessary) and sometimes keeps artiste on their toes especially with the Hiphop Dancehall genre but there are limits to it …

With an industry dominated by men , egos will always be up but again as men we need to control our emotions (very hard to do) but it’s a must. Our reflexes might lead us to make wrong choices and we definitely have to work on them.


We can disagree with each other and we don’t have to be friends but we can’t let that take away from the fact that we know how DOPE we are 😊 … We all play a part in pushing our country Ghana

My brother SHATTA-WALE can get me mad (cos I’m human) and I have every right to… same as him but I will never ever Let that take away how dope this brother is in my eyes … and he knows that for sure!

My countless conversations has been about the bigger picture….. you don’t need to like me I don’t either but we can’t miss the bigger picture.

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