Singers Are Getting More Attention As Compared To Rappers Because Of “Listenership” – Akan

Akan, one of Ghana’s highly admired rappers says getting attention as an artist depends on “listenership” with reference to the debate that singers are getting more attention in our Ghanaian music scene as compared to rappers.

The rapper who got featured recently on Sarkodie’s “All Die Be Die” song thinks that though the singers are getting more attention than rappers, it is not surprising, because rappers will need more time to build their audiences as compared with singers.

Besides, he also urged his fellow rappers to work harder and with time they will all get the attention they need.

The “Me Sika Aduro” rapper disclosed this in an interview with on Tuesday, February 12.

Akan was asked, “Singers are getting more attention in our music space comparing to Rappers, what’s your take on this and what can be done for you guys to match up…?”

He answered, “I think it has to do with listenership. The larger your audience, the bigger you seem to be and rappers will need time to build a large audience compared to singer. So lets work harder, build more and with time we can get all the attention needed.”

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