Some Ghanaian producers lack experience – Possi Gee

There has been issues recently concerning the quality of sounds and music being produced in Ghana.

And part of the problem according to Possi Gee is due to a seeming lack of experience from some of the Ghanaian producers especially the new school ones.

Sharing the secret to his over decade existence and what makes him stand out as one of the most sought after sound engineers in Ghana, Possi opined that the quality of our sounds is waning because most engineers of today don’t take time to learn and understand the inside-out of music production and engineering and it has a little to do with studio equipments.

“I think it’s experience that some of them lack. You may have all the instruments but if you don’t have the ear and the experience, the sound wouldn’t be top notch”, Possi Gee said in an interview on Zylofon FM.

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