The Ghanaian Musician & Giving Back To Society?

In this life, part of being a person is about helping others and I strongly believe that giving back to society and guiding the young ones can contribute to one’s success as a musician or creative person.

In this life, part of being a person is about helping others and I believe strongly that giving back to society and guiding the young ones can contribute to one’s success as a musician or creative person.

I would like to establish the fact that some Ghanaian artistes and media personalities are doing great with respect to giving back to the society. Some also provide or organise essential coaching programmes for these young ones. It’s positive!

Besides, the focus here is about our Ghanaian musicians and what they can do to support both the promising artistes and the society at large.

There are numerous reasons to give back to your society, but sometimes it can be exceptional to give back through your music. Not only can this be fulfilling and really feed the soul with music, but there are also added benefits that can help boost your personal career, too.

Giving encourages dialogue between people, communities and nations in ways that people would not ordinarily have experienced before. When people choose to give, they unite from different sectors and communities in the name of a common cause. This is a key contributing factor in strengthening communities and nation-building.

I believe that when you are engaged in philanthropic and humanitarian activities you somehow can’t help but be touched as a human being. Your emotional awareness increases, your care and consideration for others is awakened and you are exposed to new and different people.

For this reason, I will urge every musician to get involved in a charitable organization, and there are many non-profits or NGOs in Ghana that would appreciate your time and contributions. So let’s get involved!

I believe there’s something special about being able to make someone smile through your musical abilities.

The generation behind you needs your support and wisdom. Reach out, donate money to arts and education, teach and mentor. There is nothing more gratifying to the soul than watching a young person flourish from what you have shown them. Let’s impact positively on these young ones!

Also, the sad reality in Ghana is that music programs are being slashed from our schools. We don’t pay attention to these young talents in our schools. While many of us have been fortunate enough to have gotten our start and initial exposure to music when we were at school, the same can’t be said for many young people right now. Nevertheless, some media and corporate organisations are creating music reality shows or platforms for up-and-coming talents and it’s very rosy!

So, to my dear musicians, let’s guide and support our budding talents. The time is now! Let’s volunteer to share our musical talents with our local or public schools. If your former school still exists, reach out to them and mentor the young folks. Remember that every small gesture counts for these young ones, and you’ll soon be inspiring people of all ages! Every little bit counts for these people, and you never know what could come out of it or who you might be able to inspire. So let’s motivate, teach and support our own!

Ultimately, every young act in Ghana must learn positively and value his craft as a creative person. Show respect, humility, love, support and listen to advice from the established acts. Likewise, the society needs to respect and appreciate these talents.

If we simply faced each day this way, Ghana would be a far better place. Long live our musicians!

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  1. The eagerness to blow too blind them…so they think they don’t need to be groomed..just cos they’re talented .

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