The Good & The Bad, Comedian Shegelabobo celebrates 5 years in His Comedy Career.

Shegelabobor a.k.a “ForWat” popularly referred to as the Luxurious comedian or the Macho Comedian is a Corporate Stand Up Comedian, Comic Actor & an Event MC. He is legitimately known as Wisdom Sosu.

He holds a degree in Fashion Design from Accra technical university in 2016.

The talented youngman has been funny from birth but it was a tough decision and a challenge for him to accept the fact that he was born and labelled a comedian.

In 2014 Shegelabobor gathered Extra confidence what some will call momentum to be what he was destined to be; a HUMOUR THERAPIST or COMEDIAN.
He was among 1000 talents who auditioned in Accra for “The Next Movie Star Reality Tv”show In Lagos, Nigeria.

He was selected with 2 other contestants to represent Ghana among 18 other housemates from 10 African Countries ,they were housed in Nigeria.

The show was Aired on DSTV, GHONE TV & ETV GHANA. Shege didn’t win the competition but the exposure the show gave him made him a star within the corporate comedy world, that’s how he made a name for himself.

The Luxurious Comedian is currently the best top notch Corporate and wedding MC in Ghana. His videos has gone viral severally on Social media.

He has hosted four consecutive successful comedy show under his brand & company “ForWat International”.

Last year, he flew to Ghana one of the Africa’s biggest comedian Acapella from Nigeria for his 2018 September show at the National theatre in Accra. He has also flown to Ghana a Total of 5 comedians within four years and has performed on several platforms at the International Conference center, national theatre.

He gave a breathe taking performance at the just ended stage play “Adam In Court” at the National theatre.

Today marks 5 years of hardwork,greatness and the establishment of a Solid Brand Name “Shegelabobor”, in half a decade.

According to the luxurious comedian, the journey hasn’t been easy, the challenges are enormous and tiring but it has been fulfilling and a sweet experience to be celebrated as one of Ghana’s finest comedians within a short period.

Shege is currently preparing for the 5th Edition of his Show “LUXURIOUS COMEDY WITH SHEGELABOBOR”.

Malta Guinness, Indomie, McVitie’s, Coca Cola, Awake water, Best Land Estates, Boss Baker, Eddys Pizza, Bel Aqua, Bespoke suits and AIR PEACE were his previous sponsors.

Shege is the only comedian in Ghana who has an Airline sponsoring his show for 3 consecutive years.


Charlie Chaplin once said

“A day without laughter is a day wasted”.

And scientists say, humor,laughter and joy are important part of life.

Laughter is healthy,laughter touches the soul,it keeps trouble in proportion and laugher is loving.

Remember when you laugh,others too laugh because it is contagious.

Join the 5th Edition of the “Luxurious Comedy with Shegelabobor” at the National theatre.

Details coming soon.

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