The government is just pretending, they are not interested in the creative arts industry – Awele

The Ghana movie industry has for some time now seen a dwindling in fortunes. The once vibrant industry is now on its dying knees and begging for a saviour. In fact bar the efforts of some few people we could have said the film industry is as good as dead. This turn of fortunes has been attributed to varying reasons but one stakeholder that is not being left off the hook of blame by industry players is the government and that seems not to be stopping anytime soon.

Ace actor and movie producer Awele, has in a scatching criticism stoked the fire on the government’s head, saying “everything they do towards the industry is a mere act of pretense”. In an interview with kobbykyeinews, Awele was in “no mercy” mood with his words for the ruling government. He said, “There is a clear conviction that government is not really interested in the creative arts industry, for me everything thing they do towards the industry is a mere act of pretense as if to say they’re trying because they know that they will need the industry in election 2020”.

He also bemoaned the sudden quietness of some leading industry players who were very vocal and instrumental in NPP compaigns leading up to the 2016 elections. “It is rather unfortunate that some leading industry people like Socrate Safo and Agya Koo who were very vocal during the 2016 campaigns claiming to be fighting for the common good of the industry have suddenly gone quiet for obvious reasons, since Nana Addo took office” he added.

In a rallying cry of support, Awele called on all industry players to rise up, put party colours aside, and fight for the speedy progress of the Ghanaian film industry. “This industry must work again. We must not sit down for them to fool us everyday”, he ended.

Source: KobbyKyeiNews.Com

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