The Government/MUSIGHA Must Ban The “Wrowro Ho” Song

Music they say is food to the soul hence every good music must come with a good feeling of relief in every aspect of our lives in the society.

However our bid to be entertained shouldn’t be taken to such psychic levels where we display nudity to the whole world just to join a challenge of no benefits instigated by a certain song.

The past few weeks has seen us greeted with such wanton display of foolishness as young ones including minors are seen removing their cloths and going naked in as though they on high doses of tramadol.

But no, these young ones are just joining the social media craze of the “Wrowro Ho” challenge.
Thus, immediately one hears this distasteful song, you begin to “wrowro ho” translate as remove your dress.

This is soo wrong, it does not portray the Ghanaians in us. It shouldn’t be entertained in our society especially when our laws frown upon nudity. And what is the cause of this disgraceful challenge? A certain song we feel shy to mention the name again.

That’s why we’re calling on the government, MUSIGHA and other relevant stakeholders in the music industry to as quickly as possible ban this song to bring an end to this mess.

Not just ban the song but payola motivated DJs who are found playing the song anywhere should be brought to book and sanctioned.

We love to be entertained, we love to listen to our Ghanaian songs, they’re our own but entertainment shouldn’t make us loose our sense of reasoning and our customs of decency.

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