The journalist murder is a threat to the “2019 year of return to Ghana” – Sammy Flex Cautions

Host of Showbiz Agenda on Zylofon 102.1 FM and Communications Head of Zylofon Media Samuel Atuobi Baah aka Sammy Flex has revealed in a conversation that though Ghana is gearing up for the 2019 year of return world wide, the news of the death of the investigative journalist with Tiger Eye, can pose a threat to some tourists.

The manner in which the death happened and the way it’s being reported by both the local and foreign media takes a lot from the anticipation of tourists world wide who are planning to come to Ghana to celebrate the 400 years of Slave trade in Ghana.

“Every tourist thinks about security in a country before embarking on a journey, therefore this year should prove Ghana as the safest country to ever visit in the world. Unfortunately, after the declaration of the 2019 year of return by our president and the CNN placing Ghana on 4th position among the countries to visit in the world, we are also here happily publishing stories online about the death of an investigative journalist even without assurance of arresting the people who committed the crime. Who will be excited to visit such a country when its own citizens are not even safe” he added in a conversation about tourism and the 2019 year of return.

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