“The Membership Decides What The Categories Are” – CEO of Grammy Awards, Harvey Mason Jr. explains

In a Private dinner with the CEO of Grammy awards Harvey Mason Jr,
musicians and key industry stakeholders met inside Nsuomnam restaurant, Cantonments where great conversation were had with regards to having a fair representation of music on the board.

At the meeting, Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi, popularly known as Bola Ray asked a very important question on whether Afrobeats is being considered as a category by the Grammy board and this what Harvey said,

“I have no control of the categories, the membership decides what the categories are. If you are a member, you can submit a proposal to the board and it will be voted by the members and if majority agrees, it becomes part of it”

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Over the years Ghana have been struggling to getting their artistes recognized by the board despite doing so well. With this meeting, it is believed creatives are going to learn what goes in and what is required by them.

From Ghana, Harvey Mason Jnr will travel to Rwanda to attend the 13th edition of the Grow, Unite, Build Africa (Guba) Awards slated for September 29 at Kigali where he has been nominated to pick a global award.

Harvey Jay Mason Jr. is an American record producer, songwriter, movie producer and current CEO of The Recording Academy.


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