The Rise of a Pheonix (Renner)

Emerging from the music scene in Edina,Ghana,West Africa, Tagged as the most wanted female Artist of Dance hall and reggae music, is a free spirit who happens to be passionate about what she does best.

Just as the phoenix rises from the Ashes,
She too has risen
Returning from the flames,clothed in nothing but her sweet melodies,more beautiful than ever.

Look out for a burning sensation
About to spread her wings,infusing soul music and afro beats into her strengths,to show the world her light.

Music Fans around the world have been thirsty for real lyrical content of dancehall/Reggae,Afro beats and Soul music.
The revolution is Here!

Ladies & Gentlemen
I present to you Renner! #TheMostWanted #Edinabaayewa #BBF #Lady #Stepup . Write Up by Missy & Freda PhotoCredit: @sedemsam

Instagram handle @rennermusic

Twitter @rennergh

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