The best way to assess the wellness and health of your eyes depends on regular visits to the eye clinic. Atleast, checking your eyes once a year is enough to be sure they are in good condition. Too often, people believe as long as they can see well and especially no pain in the eye, their eyes are fine. Some also think because they pass a vision screening at DVLA, they have perfect eyes. Only a comprehensive eye exam by an optometrist or ophthalmologist can ensure your eye is devoid of any serious eye condition that don’t show early symptoms including glaucoma

Of all serious eye diseases, glaucoma is probably the sneakiest. That’s because, there are no discernable symptoms in most cases of early glaucoma-nothing to alert you that something is going on wrong.(Gary Heiting,OD,2018)


Boayen Sight Savers Ghana (B.S.S.G) is an N.G.O established in November 2017 with the objective of providing quality eye care examination to schools, communities, churches etc. Based on the increasing number of Ghanaians living with glaucoma, we have decided to launch glaucoma awareness campaigncoupled with comprehensive eye screenings in Ghana.  We have done eleven events (eye screenings) since inception specifically 7 Schools, 1 community outreach, 2 churches and 1 prison service(juvenile unit). Visuals for the above mentioned screenings have been posted on our facebook page on the handle Boayen Sight Savers Ghana.


Cedar Mountain Chapel on the 23rd of February organized a general medical screening for the church members and neighboring communities as well. They requested for our services and we gladly honored their invitation. On arrival and setting up at around 8am. Glaucoma suspects identified were counseled and educated about the condition. They were asked to do other tests however no panic. Speaking to Dr. George O. Acheampong, an Optometrist and Director of the organization about the outcome of the screening, he gave the following details. Close to a 100 people were attended to including children. The cases recorded were allergy, presbyopia, cataract (mature and immature), glaucoma suspects and chalazion in descending order. Much attention was paid to the glaucoma suspects and further tests were required of them.


This organization is poised on leaving a legacy in eyecare sector in Ghana and you are invited to join make it a success. What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us (Oliver Wendell Holmes)


We like to say a big thank you to Dr. George O. Acheampong(Director / optometrist), Dr. Isaac Asirifi( AssocciateDirector/Optometrist), Dr. Gideon Addo(Optometrist). Also to Mr. Joshua Tigo of Multimedia and Mr Augustine Kyei( C.E.O of kobbykyeilive). Last regards goes to very helpful hands from Cedar Mountain Chapel ; Mr. Wisdom Bour(Pharmacist), Mrs. Lucy Selorm Bentum(coordinator), Mrs Victoria Tetteh Atsupi(Nurse) and the entire church for their cooperation. 

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