I’m Happy You Now Know the Hell we go Through just to Get you News – Jay Foley’s Open Letter on Cardi B in Ghana Brouhaha

I’m Happy You Now Know the Hell we go Through just to Get you News – Jay Foley’s Open Letter on Cardi B in Ghana Brouhaha

I’ve never felt this satisfaction after being trolled and insulted, because of this experience covering Cardi B’s visit to Ghana. For once, you have seen what we go through as media (reporters/broadcasters/journalists) just looking to report the news to you.

During the elections, media men/women would stay hours unending through sleepless nights just waiting to report the results to you in the comfort of your home. During political rallies, you’ll see Security officers pushing media men and their cameras away and malhandling us all because we are fighting hard to capture a glimpse of something that we feel is of interest to you. The same way you are passionate about finance, art n craft etc… we are passionate about news reportage.

For over 13yrs in my entire career as a media personality, I have seen so much disrespect to media houses from security guys at gates, organisers of events and so on. The treat us like we are not important. Ive seen the same from when Rick Ross, Keri Hilson, Fat Joe, Omarion etc were all in Ghana. The organisers act as if media isn’t important. Yet, when they need publicity, they know who to contact. Every media person knows this and for once, we should not allow such heavy disrespect from organisers or anyone else in the chain of organising events.

Media persons are always the last to receive accreditations and never even get seats at these events. You stand all through because organisers feel we are not important. The photographer will share beautiful pics of your event to remind you of those cherished moments. The cameraman will take those videos, the blogger will write those stories, the presenter will report the activities and YOU the viewer will get informed, because when you are informed, you are knowledgeable and when you are knowledgeable, YOU have power.

Years ago, we did not have the confidence to tell the world how badly we were treated, but today, we are better people and we the media have placed value on ourselves. So we will stand up against any maltreatment from anyone just because we want to do our job. Whether its the biggest Ghanaian act or the lowest international superstar, we will do our job and not expect any disrespect from any organiser.

To my readers and followers, I say to YOU, becareful what you write or who you insult, because tommorow it just might be YOU who is also in the same space. To my media friends who report false news as well, it’s just a matter of time, that one day, a false story all the name of traffic to your platforms will have you face the consequences.

Ghanaians, lets put Ghana 1st. In everything we do. Protect your Ghanaian friends because, when we keep insulting and throwing negative vibes at each other, the world sits and laugh at us. Cardi B is gone back to America now and has been paid millionsof USD, but your harsh words to your fellow Ghanaian still remains

On social media forever, we have shown our visitor whom we intended to meet and welcome properly that, we love to insult our own. So in as much as she would apologise to some, she will still carry away a perception. The choice is entirely up to us. At least now you have seen what they do to us each time they come. Today we the media have been bold to tell you. You can laugh and insult or you can be a GAME CHANGER.. My two cents.

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  1. Attoh Isaac

    Well said and infact frankly speaking I was pissed off as a Ghanaian.

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