Kuami Eugene Is Better Than You – Fan Tells Deon Boakye

Kuami Eugene Is Better Than You – Fan Tells Deon Boakye

Social media is a website and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. No matter how good social media has been for this 21st century, it has come with so many disadvantages, most of which are Spams, Identity Theft, Social Bullying to name a few.

Now yesterday as I was browsing through my twitter feed I came across a thread that caught my attention. The conversation was between singer Deon Boakye and a fan. Acording to the fan, Kuami Eugene is a better artiste than him [Deon Boakye]. The singer however didn’t appreciate the comparison and called out the fan using unfortunately some offensive words.

“We Both Know that Kuami Eugene is a better and bigger star dan your so called Deon Boakye…at least within a year or two he has produced more than enough hit songs but our bro…” the fan tweeted. Deon Boakye didn’t shy at all to give his reply. In a reply to the tweet he said “Kuami Eugene is better than me??? How??? Are you mad!!!?”

Was Deon right to have acted the way he did? Perhaps he overreacted. Is it also okay for we has fans to be comparing our acts when we clearly know everyone has his/her own unique style? Is Kuami Eugene better than Deon Boakye as the fan suggested? Anyhow you choose to look at this the bottom line question is how far can we go to support our artistes.

My two cents about this issue is as fans instead of telling musicians which people are better than them, we can rather encourage them to better themselves and achieve more. Also as artistes fans are your source of whether or not you’d make it so apply the “customer is always right” policy when dealing with them. If you have to disagree with them, constructively disagree with them and not in such a way that would seem insulting.

I’d leave this discussion open, between Deon Boakye and Kuami Eugene who do you think is better?

Source: KobbyKyeiNews.Com