A lot of artists fell off by listening to what Ghanaians say – Sarkodie breaks silence

Sarkodie is one of the most talked about artists in the Ghanaian music industry. He has been the headline for news reports, the topic for pundit discussions and has been trending for some time now.

Multiple award-winning rappers in an interview with Tilly Akua Nipaa on the show called Bold Convo With Sarkodie on OnePlay Africa has shared his opinion about the music industry and also answered questions about the issue of Ghanaians not giving him enough support.

Sarkodie has been in the music industry for over decades and his successes have always alluded to the home support he has been given by Ghanaians. Many believe had it not been for the support given to him by Ghanaians, he would not have reached where he is today.

Appearing on this show he clears the air by saying that he appreciates the support that he has received from Ghanaians so far. Even though he doesn’t get a hundred per cent support for the fact that there are people who still don’t appreciate what he does. He added that people have said a lot of things about him that had it not been the fact that he is focus on his journey, he won’t have made it this far.

“A lot of artists fell off by listening to what Ghanaians say. If I’m to listen to what sometimes Ghanaians say I wouldn’t have made it this far. They would say stuff that if you are not strong, it will break you down. “, he added.

According to the rapper, it may be true that he’s received enough support from Ghanaians but he’s the type that does not take his endorsement from humans. Even if nobody has appreciated him, he will still be focused on his journey.

He also added that even though Ghanaians have shown him enough support, he has worked hard to earn the support.

Sarkodie is currently in Kenya to continue his radio tour for his new album ‘No Pressure’.


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