Africa will be rich and powerful if we legalize cannabis – Sister Derby

Singer and sister of Wanlov, Sister Derby has waded into the conversation of “wee” legalization in Ghana. According to the “African Mermaid”, the African continent “will take over” of it takes advantage of the huge economic potential of the drug. Taking to twitter, the “Kakalika love” singer tweeted, “Chale imagine how rich and powerful Africa will be as a continent if we legalise Cannibis? We will take over”.

She further marvelled at the hypocrisy of people who speak against wee legalization but rationalize the killings of innocent souls in other continents. “They don’t want us to but they find nothing wrong with killing innocent people (women, children, men…) in the Middle East for oil”, she added.

There was however a lot of mixed reactions to this post by Sister Derby. Whereas some were for the legalization others too were against with one fan tweeting @IamEarlinam suggesting that we’re waiting for IMF and the world bank to tell us.

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