Analysis Of Selina Boateng’s “Yesu Mogya”.

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We’re here again with a song review and featuring today is “Yesu Mogya” by gospel singer, Selina Boateng.


This music is a Gospel music. Meaning it has been composed based on words from the Bible and therefore a Christian song for that matter. The music is in B minor. Three chords were used by the composer and they were chords one(1) B minor, six(6) G major and seven(7) A major respectively.


The structure of a piece means that the piece has different sections which is employed to make it pleasant to listeners. In the case of this piece, it has a structure or form which goes like the following A B A C A. In music, such a form or structure as far as a composition is concerned is what called Rondo. Therefore the music as far as structure or form is concerned is Rondo because it follows that order ( A B A C A ).


The instrumentation of this piece is OK.
The Bass guitar did what is called ostinato meaning, doing the same bass line almost throughout the piece, especially at every chorus. That is a nice compositional technique. This is mostly seen in popular music unlike classical music. There is also rhythmic improvisation at certain points of the piece and that is very good. It creates a certain kind of attention to listeners.


The aesthetics of this particular piece is beautiful because it depicts the title. The title of the piece is that the blood of Jesus is the blood that has saved me. In music, scenes can also be used to depict the title of a piece to audience. The scenes therefore clearly communicates the title and that is a plus aesthetically. The sounds of instruments and voices in harmony can also portray the beauty if used in music. Therefore the collectiveness of the instruments and voices has also made this piece an aesthetically pleasing one.

Suggestions and recommendations

Music is life. Therefore music must be treated with care during composition to bring the life in it. It will interest you to know that bad music kills softly but good music gives life (music therapy) therefore let us treat music with care and don’t be in haste to just compose a piece with no understanding.

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