“As Long As We Keep To How We Do Things And Don’t Evolve, We Can Change Nothing” – Dr. Evans Oppong

“As Long As We Keep To How We Do Things And Don’t Evolve, We Can Change Nothing” – Dr. Evans Oppong

Executive Global Senior Pastor of the City of Faith Ministry – UK, Dr. Evans Oppong in an Instagram live interaction with Kobby Kyei last Friday May 14, 2021 has said the only way Africa can rise above its problems is when we have leaders who are ready to do the work.

Dr. Evans Oppong believes as long as we stick to systems that don’t bring valid and appreciable result, nothing in the country is going to change. He argues that there must be a revolution on the minds of leadership and the citizens of the country if they really want to see change happen.

“Isaac Newton said ‘madness is doing the same thing all the time and expecting different results’ as long as we keep to how we do things and don’t evolve, we can change nothing. There must be a revolution from the minds if leadership and everybody” he argued.

He further added that it is about time we refined our thinking and not rely on the plenty natural resources present in our lands, rather let’s equip our minds with enough knowledge to manage these resources to better ourselves and the future generations because there are many countries with no natural resources that are thriving economically.

“Is it because we have Gold and Diamond? Netherlands is a nation built in water, they aren’t very blessed with natural resources yet they are more advanced than us. It all comes down to how equipped your mind is to manage the resources you have and making them into something profitable. You are driving in Accra to Trassaco but the road that leads to trassaco is so messed up but the main estate is a multi-million estate. The question here is ‘why is trassaco home to the very rich and lavish in Accra but their roads is messed up?’” he added.

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