Bullet Explains The Rationale Behind His Name

Bullet Explains The Rationale Behind His Name

CEO of RuffTown records and former Ruff and Smooth artiste,Bullet, in a discourse with Andy Dosty on DayBreak Hitz on Hitz FM, disclosed the meaning behind his name. 

He explained that the name Bullet erupted from all the struggles he has ever been through. Right from loosing his mother at the age of one, through to when he slept in different homes and serving as a house help at the age of nine and then accommodated himself in an uncompleted building, to surviving a surgery and escaping death on multiple accounts including instances with a gang of armed robberswhom he lived with.

He wasn’t, in any way, engaged in any social vice to help him survive. In the interview, he iterated that he never knew he was living with a gang of robbers till there was an argument between a gang member and the leader who was riled over the fact that bullet had never followed them on one of their operations.

He also made mention of an instance where he had overdose valium (sleeping drugs) and had been out for three days straight. And God’s grace had woken him up from death’s sleep. 

Through it all, he has kept smiles with faith, relied on God’s strengthand worked his way to where he is now. The name Bullet, to him, signifies strength and defense to stand in the face of setbacks and criticisms.

Certainly, Andy Dosty did not only uncover a deep side of Bullet, but also presented the public with more insight to who Bullet is and all that is to him.