CEO Of Lord Rayden Ties The Knot With African-American Vikkie


The Chief Executive Officer of LORD RAYDEN FOUNDATION recently tied the knot with Victoria Olivia Jones, known popularly as Vikkie who’s a native of Augusta Georgia in the United States of America.

It is believed that, the nuptial knot was done in a simple, but nice way in Georgia Atlanta.

Due to Covid restrictions, the event was restricted only to couples. The couple confessed their love to each other and promised themselves to be each other’s joy and safe haven.

The CEO of the foundation is believed to be a  BSc holder in Information technology, pursuing his masters programme in Information communication Studies.

He is a humble and nice gentleman who is known more for his benevolence and kindness. Vikkie is an African American person.

Vikkie is believed to be a Senior Security Officer, working with the University of August and.  She is also continuing student.

Victoria Olivia Jones, now Mrs. strongly believes this man is the one and only one she has vowed to spend the rest of her life with.

She is of the view that, “Kaicy” the CEO of this noble and enviable foundation is filled with much dreams and potentials and thus, she’s ever ready support him reach all his goals and aims in life.

Vikkie believes she will be very happy to work with everyone under the foundation and connect with agencies in her home country, to come to the aid of this foundation.

Happy marriage to the Amo-Darkwah family.




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