Delay appeared to be in the spirit of preaching this new year, as she advised her fellow women with ‘The Ten Commandments for Women’.

The award-winning TV personality enlightened women on topics such as marriage, money, alcohol, eating, dressing among others.


  1. Don’t be in a hurry to move out of your parents house.
  2. Don’t wait for a man before you start living. You can live a fulfilled life as a single woman.
  3. Stay away from alcohol. It has killed others and you are not special.
  4. Don’t entertain a wrong number call, especially at night. Its not the right way to find a lover.
  5. Develop a healthy eating habit. Always take breakfast and avoid sweets.
  6. Dress well: impression count. People will judge you by the way you dress even before they talk to you.
  7. Don’t use sex as a proof of love. Sex is no proof of love, he’ll leave you after the sex.
  8. Don’t marry for the money, else you’ll become one of his possessions.
  9. Add value to yourself – get a career. Don’t be fooled that a man will solve all your problems.
  10. Beauty is not everything. If its all you have, you’ll lose your place to someone less beautiful but more matured and competent.

Source: Her instagram handle

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