Dr. Parker Donates And Spend Time With Widows In His Community And Church

Dr. Joseph Kwabena Awuah Parker over seven years have been donating to the Widows in his church and community. He recently held another donation exercise, supported by blogger Kobby Kyei.

According to him, he never dreamt of losing his dad, leaving her mother, Prophetess Jane Asare Larbi, Head Of God’s Vision Temple, a widow.

He said;

I never imagined losing my dad, leaving my mother a widow. I have been donating to Widows for the past seven years. When the year is ending, and I cast my eyes to see how I will enjoy myself and my family and realize someone has no husband to make her happy, it always hurts.

This year, I’m donating to One thousand, five hundred widows. I wish I could do more than this. The work output is low, but God has been grateful.

He advised the widows to calm down because, God is the only one who can watch over them

He said;

“Don’t be troubled. No man can take care of you except the Man above. If ordinary men can take care of you, your husband’s properties would have stayed with you, or the family would have taken good care of you, but today they are nowhere to be found. Remember only the Lord.

Prophetess Jane Asare Larbi also admitted to Kobby Kyei News that, Doctor has been a man of donation. Donation has been part of his life and he does it all the time and that is what the Lord has put on his heart.

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