Dream International Foundation Feeds Street Children With Hot Meals And Drinks

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Dream International Foundation, a charity body on December 25, 2021 took to the streets with a team of representatives and volunteers, to show love to street children. Some of these children are believed to be vulnerable and living in deprived conditions with no hope.


For Dream International Foundation, it is their aim to take them off the streets and support them with needs in terms of education, which has been their priority.

Following this, the foundation served over a hundred children with hot meals and some drinks. The group also intends to help provide clean water, education, healthcare and others in some rural areas

According to Mrs. Dorcas Aba Aning, a representative of Dream International Foundation, the group was founded to give support to the deprived and the vulnerable, since the government of the Republic of Ghana cannot do it alone.

She said;

“Dream International Foundation was founded to support the deprived and the Vulnerable. The government cannot do it alone, and so we thought it wise to involve ourselves with the various NGOs in Ghana, so that it will enable us to support other people who are vulnerable, especially the people on the street with nowhere to sleep. So, we are here to feed the children on the street with no hope and support in this festive season.”

The group is grateful to their sponsors in the United Kingdom and Ghana, for their enormous support.

Visite www.dreaminternationalfoundation.org for enquiries.

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