”Fame Is As Addictive As Drugs” – Reggie Rockstone Urges Young People To Be Careful


The pioneer of Hiplife – a popular and unique African genre of music, Reggie Rockstone born in the United Kingdom and raised and lives in Ghana has said that fame is as addictive as drugs so young celebrities must be extremely careful.

Speaking in an interesting group discussion on one of the most authoritative local television channels, Adom TV moderated by sister Sandy, Reggie Rockstone explained that, the same way people who are addicted to drugs goes every length to get some to consume, people with fame also always go the extra mile to maintain their status in the society no matter what.

So for instance in Ghana, majority of people under the limelight do anything to continue to be famous and maintain their relevance in the field they find themselves.

Emphasizing more on the similarities of drugs and fame, the ‘Plan Ben’ hitmaker said that, the same way drug addicts go through depression and desperation, famous people experience same when their fame begins to diminish.

He believes that many people goes through all that because, they did not prepare for the massive public attention, it just took them by surprise so they struggle to handle or manage it.

He therefore urged young people seeking to be famous to have in mind that, fame does not last forever, it diminishes at some point so it is always prudent and adviceable people build good reputation and get respect from people when the fame is no more.

Asare-Bediako Addo | KobbyKyeiNews

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