‘Fire’ By Ghanaian UK-based Band, Onipa Featured In FIFA 21 Soundtracks

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EA have released the latest soundtrack to accompany gamers on their FIFA 21 experience, which includes an exciting mix of new music.

This year’s playlist incorporates a wide-ranging mix of musicians hailing from all over the globe – transcending genres that range from alternative to hip-hop and pop including UK based Ghanaian music band Onipa’s ‘Fire’ song.

The complete FIFA 21 soundtrack was made available to listen to on Spotify, Apple and Deezer from September 28, 2020.

Listen to ‘FIRE’ here;

EA curated two separate soundtracks for FIFA 21 – one for the game overall and one specifically for the new VOLTA mode which had Onipa’s ‘Fire’ song been selected.

Onipa band over the years has specialized in merging traditional African musical styles with contemporary electronics. 

According to the band, their brand is a “message of connection through collaboration. From Ghana to London, from our ansestors to our children, Onipa brings energy, groove, electronics, afrofuturism, dance and fire.”

The label of the band in a tweet congratulated the group.


Other musicians who featured on the FIFA 21 soundtrack include the likes of Tame Impala, Dua Lipa, LA Priest, Glass Animals, Charli XCX, Disclosure and Stormzy.