Fusing art with a touch of God’s inspiration to uplift communities: A short interaction with Kulaperry of FNM

Fusing art with a touch of God’s inspiration to uplift communities: A short interaction with Kulaperry of FNM

Kualaperry of Fear-No-Man Street Wear (famously branded FNM) tells a story behind his clothing line. First, he acknowledges the fact that he is because God is. He draws his inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm and strength from God to create. Just as God said in His word, let us create man in our likeness, Kulaperry fuses arts with this inspiration to touch the world with his clothing line.

Often, people walk on earth without understanding and pursuing their purpose. Kulaperry on the other hand, identified his purpose and leveraged on that to touch the world. The FNM streetwear, therefore, is not just a style of dressing but a culture of metamorphosis emphasizing the need for humanity to fear nothing but God. 

He shed light on the “deeper” meaning of this clothing line in a short conversation with a fan who was interested in his approach, belief and demonstration of a figure often referred to as “Jantelagen” in the Sweden culture. As a composite of the Kulaperry Clothing, the FNM logo has a mystery behind it. This mystery is defined as a white symbolism integrated with a red stripe across the eyes of a human face. Kulaperryfurther explained that the FNM logo highlights the practice of “seeing no evil, speaking no evil”. 

Further to this, each colour of the clothing line represents a particular trait. These traits are simplified, putting Africans into perspective. The “red” represents the hustle, toil and struggle Africans endure to achieve their dreams and the “white”, purity. A dive into the positioning of the red stripeacross the human face revealed the act of meditation. This he relates to the Samurai adage “once a person has reached enlightenment in one thing, he would have an enlightened mind and understand many things”. Kulaperry also translatesthis to being prayerful and seeking the face of the all-knowing God as His enlightenment can open the eyes of the ordinary man to see beyond and go beyond by becoming extraordinary. 

In his position, he further stressed that FNM culture is the demonstration of God’s wisdom breeding a fearless generation of accountable leaders. As he relied on God, He has shown him what’s beyond the human eye and the justification of the third eye.

Presently, the FNM clothing line is working around the globe to contribute tremendously to the fight against the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease #Covid_19. Design of an N95 face mask was put together by Kulaperry with a human touch. He is of the view that in the majority of the countries in Africa where individuals have to go through daily struggles to fend for their families, the government’s model of “absolute”#lockdown as implemented in advanced countries (e.g. the UK, Germany and France to mention but a few) will render many hungry. Given this, Kulaperry has designed the FNM nose masks for the global market with a focus on Ghana and wider Africa. These masks are well designed with the finest fabrics based on scientifically proven and acceptable standards to prevent the spread of #Covid_19. Individuals wearing these masks can go about their daily hustles without fear of contracting or spreading the coronavirus. Kulaperryfurther indicated that the N95 nose masks have a meaning. The “N” stands for “not resistant to oil” and “95” stands for “95%” capture of particles in two ways. This implies thatanyone wearing this mask cannot spread the virus (i.e. if they have it) and cannot get infected because the mask in worse case scenarios, is capable of capturing 95% of particles down to 0.3 microns. These masks are designed by the culture and for the culture and will be released for sale on April 23, 2020,by FNM. 

Currently, the clothing line FNM operates in 53 countries across the globe. Kulaperry wrapped up this with a hint on three clothing sublines under the FNM which are FEARLESS(having no fear for boundaries but always striving for greatness), MISUNDERSTOOD (doing great things that are not easily understandable by ordinary people) and KNOW YOURSELF (being original, authentic and not impersonating others). He stipulated that between 2025 and 2030 two key clothing lines “Royalty” and “Loyalty” will be released respectively as part of the FNM culture. Further details can be found here www.fearnomanclothing.com